This must have been very difficult for you, but it comes off well, and not just as a piece of scholarship. I was truly astonished by the following.

‘Composed in Scotland (RAF Tain., Peterhead,

Portmahomack & Aberdeen & back to Tain)

Bomber command & signals.’ The full score

(RCM 20807) reads: ‘This work was composed

at Portmahomack, Scotland, during April &

July 1942.

My wife and I have visited Portmahomack but it never occurred to us that anything classical had been composed there. We live and learn.

Your contributions to COW on Doreen Carwithen were excellent because, unlike some academics, you speak as well as you write.

I have your book on order.

With thanks for everything you do.

Rod Hart

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I’m so grateful for this catalogue as well as the story surrounding it. I’m currently trying to assemble a comprehensive list of symphonic works by composers of African heritage and your research is invaluable!!!

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This is wonderful. Thank you! I’ve been searching (unsuccessfully) for her cello piece (Memories) but I didn’t know about Reverie.

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