Thanks again for another fascinating post.

In terms of suggestions, I have one. I would be interested if you had a recommended reading list of contemporary female musicologists (I don't mean this as a genre!).

Almost all the musicology books I own are written by men and therefore find myself quoting men more often in my writing. I want to broaden my reading to include more women writers, regardless of whether gender is something they write about.

There are two reasons I think this is important: it is ethical and right which I doubt needs elaboration, and also excluding female writers distorts one's understanding of history and the present. For a professional, that means operating with a broken radar.

I felt this most strongly when reading Nalini Ghuman's excellent book Resonances of the Raj. In the book, she writes in detail about Maud MacCarthy, whom I had never heard of previously, though I now see her as a key figure in 20th-century classical music, and potentially the first real pioneer of so-called 'world music'.

I don't mean this as a way for you to do the work for me - I do attempt to do this, but Iยดm not an academic and don't have that knowledge of musicology, and I also spend a lot of my time chasing two young children so research is very limited. If there is knowledge at your fingertips of good contemporary (or non-contemporary) writers that might effortlessly make its way into a future newsletter, I for one would be interested!

Thanks again for all the good leads.

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Delighted to see The Hermes Experiment get a mention; such a unique ensemble.

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